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2018 Q4 Outreach Update

2018 Q3 Outreach Update

Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources

  • Director and Chair of the CSUR Outreach Program, Dr. Brad Hayes, recently joined Stuart McNish on Conversations that Matter to discuss Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventional Resources.  VIEW HERE.

CSUR’s Outreach program aims to educate the public on issues relating to unconventional oil and gas development. CSUR tailors its presentations to the needs of the audience.  For technical audiences (such as University geoscience and engineering students), we will focus on technical points, show students how their education can be applied in the field of unconventional oil and gas development. We do address environmental issues, but generally not to the same extent as for the non-technical audiences. We will have both a two-hour and a full day session available for this audience.  For non-technical audiences, our focus is two-fold:1. Define and explain unconventional oil and gas, so that the audience understands how it differs from conventional oil and gas, and why there are specific associated environmental issues.

The focus of our presentations can be adjusted to fit the requirements of a specific group and the reason for the presentation. We can structure our presentations as either a two-hour session or a full day session.  CSUR provides relevant and technically-accurate information around environmental issues, such as water resources, land use, and air quality/pollution. The importance of a balanced approach along with economy, environmental and social acceptance is stressed.

For all audiences, we contrast scientific and technical/operational facts with “common knowledge”, media reports, and misinformation. Where time allows, we view and discuss video clips.  We will also strive to invoke the principles of critical thought and strategic sustainability. The need to achieve a balance between the needs of the economy, the environment, and society.


PRESENTATIONS:  We have refined the core presentations extensively to fit various audiences.  Below is an example of the presentation titles we have to offer.  For more information on these presentations please contact CSUR directly.

  • Unconventionals 101 – general overview: ONE DAY SESSION
  • Geology of Unconventionals – for technical-student audiences: ONE DAY SESSION
  • Unconventional Energy: How it Changed the Game – environmental focus: TWO HOUR SESSION
  • Engineering for Unconventionals – for engineering students: ONE DAY SESSION

Presentations have been developed by staff and volunteers to date, and expansion of the program is very much dependent upon these and financial resources.  Our plan is to explore ways in which we can continue to provide high-quality presentations under this program, as well as develop additional modules that will allow for more flexibility and specificity in each presentation.

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March 21, 2018: Read Dr Brad Hayes report here for a recap of Q1, 2018.  Q1 2018 Recap, OUTREACH

Image result for alberta student energy conference logoFebruary 9, 2018:  Director Brad Hayes spoke on behalf of CSUR at the Alberta Student Energy Conference at the University of Calgary on February 9th, as part of the CSUR Outreach initiative.  ASEC brings together a diverse group of students, primarily from the Faculties of Business and Engineering at U of C, but hosts delegates from other universities as well – exactly the mix of future technical experts, business leaders, and policymakers CSUR Outreach strives to reach.  Brad presented “Unconventional Energy:  How the Game is Changing” – our introduction to unconventional oil and gas, environmental issues, and advocacy to a very engaged crowd of about 30 students in a break-out session.  During the primary meeting where about 75 delegates attended, Brad sat on a panel with representatives from CAPP and TCPL, discussing a wide range of energy issues, touching on many of the “hot-button” regulatory, environmental and societal issues critical to our industry’s future.