The Collaborative Value of the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources

CSUR advocates for rigorous and reliable science based on data and evidence. We are credible to the public because our focus is facts. We are trained energy professionals whose members are drawn from not only industry, but from regulators and academia as well.

CSUR collaborates with Industry and Stakeholder

CSUR's role is to facilitate accurate, factual and collaborative exchange of technical information relating to the exploration and development of Canada’s unconventional hydrocarbon resources. CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW to help the University of Alberta with their OIL AND GAS SURVEY!

CSUR is Unique

CSUR proactively addresses issues with industry stakeholders, governments, the public, and media. Current members include Exploration & Development Companies; Service Companies; Academia; Consultants; Financial Organizations; Government.

CSUR Connects the Industry

CSUR convenes top technical experts to proactively address today's issues. This is shared though complementary Technical Luncheons for its Members. All Stakeholders can collaborate, share and network in CSUR’s Industry Specific and Topical Workshops, Advanced Technology and Hands-On Core Workshops, and Field Trips.

Latest Initiative: The CSUR Outreach Program

The CSUR Outreach Program has been created to inform and build collaboration with the student populations of Canadian Universities and communities in order to satisfy their needs for accurate and objective scientific information pertaining to unconventional resource development.

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What our members say about CSUR

Welcome to CSUR's 2022 newest members!

We have strong ties to the entire spectrum of interested stakeholders, and interact and engage with them constantly.