CSUR is proud to present the first installment of the 2017 Breakfast Series.  Following on the success of our Members' Only Technical Luncheons, this early morning breakfast Industry-Government event is a unique opportunity for representatives of both sectors to meet and discuss key and timely initiatives in our industry.


Strategic Sustainability and the Energy Industry

The energy industry faces important challenges in balancing many of the divergent elements of sustainability. In this “Breakfast Series” workshop, we will explore the three pillars to a sustainable energy industry; Environment, Society, and Economics.

In this workshop, a multi-perspective expert panel will examine how strategic sustainability can be integrated into energy companies.  Panelists will explore the tensions inherent in sustainability from both a practical and academic lens.  Audience interaction will push thinking further. 

It will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at the Calgary Petroleum Club (The Card Room).

Cynthia Lamont at: clamont@csur.com


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